Dr. Michael McLane is a licensed psychologist with expertise in pediatric neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Taking a developmental perspective, Dr. McLane collaborates with parents, teachers, pediatricians, and other professionals, creating partnerships on a unified team to understand a student’s cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and social-emotional maturity. Whether your child is having problems with learning, attention, behavior, or homework, Dr. McLane is ready to help your child have a better school year. The goals of Dr. McLane’s assessments are (a) to determine if the student’s problems are consistent with a specific diagnosis and (b) to develop custom-tailored, practical recommendations that address the student’s unique needs. Even if a student does not have a specific diagnosis, Dr. McLane will offer suggestions to address presenting problems.

Dr. McLane also enjoys conducting psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and young adults, which sometimes involves consulting with parents and teachers about how to help the student. Using a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy, Dr. McLane seeks to identify and address treatment goals in a timely manner. Dr. McLane also conducts parent training, which can be an important supplement to individual psychotherapy with children.

Additionally, Dr. McLane speaks often with a number of local professionals in related disciplines, such as child and adolescent psychiatry and neurology, developmental pediatrics, and speech-language pathology. He also is in frequent contact with private school administrators, academic language therapists, and educational tutors. This network of colleagues enables Dr. McLane to refer your child to other specialists, if needed.

Dr. McLane gives presentations on his areas of expertise to parents, teachers, school administrators and counselors, pediatricians, and other individuals interested in child and adolescent psychology. Feel free to contact Dr. McLane if you would like to discuss possible presentation topics.

In order to provide high quality services, Dr. McLane stays up-to-date with current research findings and evidence-based practice through his memberships in several professional organizations, such as:

  • Texas Psychological Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • National Academy of Neuropsychology
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